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Iconic American label Ralph Lauren presents its Rugged Icons Collection for the Holiday 2010 season. A collection of heritage styles, the Rugged Icons Polo Outlet line pulls a selection of items from the RL archives and updates them with contemporary touches. moncler sale Highlights include Nordic and Beacon patterned sweaters, classic plaid shirts, wide wale corduroys, and a nice arrangement of accessories, along with leather, hand-stitched boots featuring buffalo plaids and crepe outsoles. The collection ralph lauren bags in its entirety is now available for purchase directly through the Ralph Lauren Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet online store.
Acclaimed canada goose kensington parka Swedish DJ and producer Avicii has offered up an exclusive remix of his track “Silhouettes” for Ralph Lauren‘s vintage and utility-inspired denim series called Denim & Supply. Going from backstage glamour to canada goose outlet urban grit, the video captures the identity of the Denim & Supply line while remaining true canada goose sale to the sultry spirit of Avicii’s remix. While a full-length version of the track has yet polo shirts for women to be released, you can peruse the full range currently being offered from Ralph Lauren’s Denim Polo Ralph Lauren & Supply line here.
If you weren’t familiar with Pharrell before 2013, you certainly are now. moncler jackets With visibility at an all-time high, the polymath has teamed up with luxury Italian sportswear label Ralph Lauren Outlet Moncler to, fittingly, produce a collection of sunglasses. Being avant-garde is something Pharrell has built a moncler jacket sale career off of, so it comes as no surprise that a preview of the range reveals moncler coats a unique approach to eyewear. First takes at the aviator-inspired goggles and eyebrow-covering stunners are sure canada goose jackets to provoke second ones, as the collection is described by Moncler itself as “halfway between Futurism canada goose jacket and Fifties-style.” More news on the range is on its way, so stay tuned for a moncler outlet closer look at the late September release.

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