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The economy is ransacking corporate profits, but a few business executives are not afraid of what’s to come.Foolish? Not really. Industry leaders, speaking on a panel that addressed footwear fundamentals at the CEO Summit, said they are focusing on long-range opportunities.Bob Campbell, founder and CEO of BBC International, said he’s pressing ahead overseas.“The international market has got Fitflop Sandals to be a big part of your business today,” Campbell said. “The globe is getting much smaller.”He said, for instance, that for every new license or brand BBC considers taking on, a global opening must exist. Currently, Campbell is in the process of expanding three brands internationally next Cheap Birkenstocks year. Topping his list of countries is China.Others agreed about mining the Chinese market. While that nation’s economic growth has stalled along with the rest of the world’s, China still has 1.3 billion people — all potential consumers. What’s more encouraging is that the majority of retail is Birkenstock Shoes mainly in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. That means firms have yet to dent the smaller regions.For Joe Ouaknine, CEO of Titan Industries, China also is filled with ample sourcing opportunities. “A lot of factories we couldn’t get to [before because they were too busy] are Birkenstock Sale now trying to do business with us,” said Ouaknine, who, in partnership with Campbell, is relaunching Charles Jourdan next month. “Yes, factories are closing, but there are good factories that are now available. It’s a time for opportunities. These can be good times.”Panelists also stressed the importance of Fitflops Sandals For Women maintaining candid retail relationships.“The key to being successful right now is to have transparency between our two businesses,” said Rick Graham, SVP of sales at Skechers, who joked about Chairman Robert Greenberg’s desire for rapid expansion into new categories. “The more transparent we are with each other, the Birkenstock Sandals better our business is.”Dan Bazinet, CEO of Birkenstock USA, added, “Our relationships with independent stores are the most important relationships we have.”He acknowledged his firm had mismanaged some of those relationships in the past, comparing Birkenstock’s actions to the Japanese worldview wabi-sabi. “It’s the art of imperfection, which Mbt Shoes we’ve mastered in the last five years,” Bazinet said. “Now we’re back on track to improving those relationships, managing inventory and doing what we can locally and nationally to support branding.”
“Historically, some of the European brands that have played in the U.S. haven’t quite grasped the complexities Fitflops of this market,” said Kahan. “Birkenstock now believes that the people in the U.S. know the market better than people outside it, so we have complete operating responsibility for product, marketing and basically everything in the marketplace here.”Although Birkenstock has long been synonymous with social consciousness — and Birkenstock Store in some ways, counterculture — the brand lately has been embraced by trendsetters and celebrities, popping up on the feet of Heidi Klum, Naomi Watts and others, as well as Fashion Week runways. Most recently, Givenchy featured the looks in its presentation for men’s pre-spring ’14.Storeowners, too, have Mbts noticed a shift in the Birkenstock consumer. “We are seeing younger customers buying the brand,” said Danny Wasserman, co-owner of New York’s Tip Top Shoes. “This has happened for several seasons on the ladies’ side, but the label is becoming more popular with men, too.”Tarek Hassan, co-owner of Mbt Sandals The Tannery in Boston, agreed: “We’re seeing an uptick in the Arizona [style]. Celebrities are wearing them, so it’s trending. The brand is on the up and up … Fitflops On Sale and it’ll never go out of style.”To Kahan, the fashion markets represent an opportunity. “We realize that the consumer has a certain style sensibility, so without deviating from the DNA of Birkenstock, we plan to do some capsule collections, where classic Birkenstock styles are twisted in some way — such as with color or cut — to bring more fashion to the market,” he said, adding that the brand’s hallmark cork footbed will be incorporated Birkenstock on the more-trendy designs.
At Zelaya Shoes in Bethesda, Md., owner Tony Zelaya is finding that interacting with his customers through social networking sites is a great way to keep them within reach. “The main objective is to make customers your friend and to create loyalty,” he said.Zelaya Mbt Outlet has been extremely active on, creating fan groups for certain brands, such as FitFlop, and amassing 2,651 friends. “The more things you have out there, the more people will find you,” he said.Zelaya also gives customers a 10 percent discount on store purchases if they are a Fitflop Sale Facebook friend, which has been successful in driving traffic.The Internet also has made it easier to plan and advertise promotions. “I did a Founders’ Day sale for my birthday, which I came up with out of the blue,” he said. “That is something you can do within hours. Fitflops Clearance It’s just so much easier than having to print out banners and all that.”And the reaction is usually immediate as well, Zelaya noted. “I can write something on my Facebook page and see people in the store within two hours,” he said.The retailer will continue offering the Facebook discount into fall and spring and plans to hold seasonal sales if he needs to move merchandise, but he hopes that superior customer service will help him keep the store at full price. “Customer service is what works for us,” he said. “It has to be genuine, and Birkenstock Outlet that is key to business.”

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